About Miniature Labradors

The Mini’s are Coming real soon.  1500. 

So far 2 deposits. we are only taking 4 more.

The Mini’s ARE HERE !!! Born 8/6/2017

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What is a Standard Labrador and what is a Mini Lab.    

Lets start with the Standard Lab…. 55 lbs to 85 lbs is the weight of normal standard Labradors. A Mini Lab will average about 35 lbs. To date our smallest one has been 22 lbs at the age of 3 years old.
2 Silver Labradors pictured here. The one to the right is a 3 year old standard silver lab and to the left a 3 year old Mini lab.
How and why did we come up with Mini Labs

We met a elderly lady that had Labradors all her life and was about to enter a nursing home that had a rule as many apartments do today. A dog must be under 40 labs.
So with her in mind we began to breed the smaller lab from one litter to the smaller labs from a different litter. After many years of this it began to downsize the DNA.
In all respects they are normal Labradors just smaller. To Date we have not had 1 case of Dysplasia in our mini labs. After many years of breeding the Minis we now have a range of colors.

At this time (3/8/2016) We have Black female mini Labs, Silver female mini Labs, Charcoal mini Labs. And also Black and Chocolate Full size standard Labs. Both Male and Female.

You are also welcome to email us at Topdog@Walabs.com or Call us at 360-262-9115 or text at 360-623-9470

You would like to place a deposit on a silver or charcoal puppy from one of our current or upcoming litters and you understand that this is a nonrefundable deposit. We do require your full name---Address---phone number for AKC and Microchip. Price is $1,500. Your deposit of $500 is included in this price. (as is the micro-chipping.)

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