Welcome to our Faqs page

Our puppies ALL come with a 26 month health guarantee.

All puppies are AKC registered and will come with their first shots.

All puppies will get a health checkup from our Vet before going home.

Unless requested before the puppy is 1 week old we no longer do the dew claws.

We will at anytime take one of our puppies back should you not be able to keep it.

We will require all the original paperwork from you.

We are located 90 miles north of Portland in Onalaska Wa, you can email us at topdog@walabs.com or call us at 360-355-8723 & 360-978-5534 or mail us at 3363C Centralia Alpha rd. Onalaska Wa. 98570.

In all cases we have both Sire and Dam on premises and you are invited to meet them, But we will need to do this by appointment so please call or email.

You are also encouraged to Visit your puppy during his/her stay with us.

Deposits can be made by personal check to WALABS at the above address or by Paypal made to topdog@walabs.com

You may make payments via check or Paypal during your puppies stay with us. any balance due at the time of your puppy pickup day must be paid in cash.

All puppies sold are AKC Registered. And breeding limited.

All Deposits are nonrefundable


We do ship our labs all over the USA

Shipping requirements.

Each pup shipped must have a airline approved shipping crate and a Health/Flight certificate from a qualified Vet before loading. Cost can vary but most times it has been about $400.00

This includes the cost of the certificate, the shipping crate, The flight ticket, and transportation to the airlines.

We are a licensed Kennel and state law requires us to collect sales tax.


Question 1: At what age will my puppy be ready to go home?

Answer: We do not say an age but most times its between 7 and 8 weeks, The reason for this is we determined the going home date by your puppies learning not by age. We want your puppy to be ready for all he/she may be facing. Sometimes if the adopting family has very young children we may need a few days of learning to be ready. Or if your puppy is one of the smaller pups in the litter he/she may need to be a bit stronger to be able to deal with a Childs way of cuddling and being toted around.

Question 2: I have heard the runt is the smartest of the litter is this true?

Answer: No / Yes well it can be, Let me explain first what a “Runt” is. Humans and Labs differ in the way they can get pregnant in this manner. If a human gets pregnant on Monday she can not get pregnant on Friday, or the following Monday, A Labrador is in heat for 10 to 12 days and can be impregnated on any of these days and even all these days. So your “Runt” is a puppy that was created on or near the last days of the heat yet born the same day as the rest of the litter. To sum it up the “Runt” is just younger then the rest of the litter. now that this part is clear lets discuss how/way the “Runt” may be/ seem smarter. during the earlier days of nursing every meal is so important and a larger pup will bulldoze his/her way to the nipple but the runt not having the size and bulk must be clever to get to the meal and often develops at an earlier stage a thought pattern that aids in survival.

Question 3: What shots and vaccines will my WALABS puppy get?

Answer: Your WALABS Labrador puppy will get his/her first set of shots the Vanguard 5 (5 shots in one) Canine Distemper-Adenovirus Type 2-Paranfluenza-Parvovirus.

ALSO “Bordetella” for Bordetella bronchiseptica and parainfluenza ( kennel cough)

ALSO Deccox powder a feed additive for the preventive of coccidian parasites.

ALSO Albon   Albon (sulfadimethoxine) Suspension is an antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections in cats and dogs. It can also treat coccidial infections, which are caused by a microscopic, spore-forming, single-celled parasite that infects the intestinal tract. Albon requires a prescription from your veterinarian.

ALSO (Yes there is more) Panacur.  What is Panacur? Panacur is a dewormer used to control large and small strongyles, cyathostome larvae, pinworms, ascarids, and arteritis caused by fourth stage larvae of S. vulgaris.

Question 4: Will my puppy see a vet before coming home?

Answer: Yes all WALABS puppies get a vet health check-up before going home and you get a copy of the report and a copy of all the medications your puppy gets.

Question: Why are WALABS puppies priced at 800.00 and up?

Answer: Please reread questions 3 and 4

Question: When do I pick out my puppy?

Answer: We don’t do the pick out puppy thing. And here is why We have raised Labradors for more then 30 years and have learned that picking out a puppy because its cute, He/she is bolder then a sibling, because he/she shows no fear when placed on his/her back, does NOT make a good choice. We ask a few personal questions about your family/lifestyle and socialize your puppy to fit the environment they are about to face.

I’m sure we will have much more to add to this page and welcome your input and questions.And you can always email me at topdog@walabs.com with any questions.