My First 8 Weeks

My 8 weeks with Mom
Week 1: Today is my birthday and I have no idea where I am, who I am, or what I am.
I do know there is an empty feeling in my belly and I must seek the warmth of Mom. There are others around me and it seems that they are trying to eat it all. I must hurry!!! I must eat!!! I’m so cold I remember the warmth of mother wrapped all around me but that’s gone. I’m so full I must sleep. I crawl to the others for warmth and comfort and sleep.
Something has me!!! I’m so scared!!! Where is the others and Mom ?
I feel a bite and now my thumbs are gone!

 Ahhh but here’s Mom and she licks me and comforts me. I’m ok. Now I can sleep again.
I wake and it’s the same thing. A craving drive to the warmth and the nipple and again I sleep. This is my first week… I’m alive!!!

Week 2: Today is my birthday. I’m 1 week old and I know it all now. I can find Mom on my own. I can tell the others apart now.. I know the feel of the scary giant When he grabs me. He is so rough with me!!! I’m so afraid. All I want is Mom!!! And food!!! And sleep. WAIT what is THAT!!! Light !!! I have eyes!!

Week 3: Today is my birthday I’m 3 weeks old. Now I really know it all!!! I’m a dog!!! I can smell!! I can See!!!
I can walk!!! Ok not so good with the walking but I’m getting better each day. Often the giant has to chase me. I’m fast!!! And this giant does NOT scare me anymore.
I can bark!!!
Today is special for me the giant brings me food He sticks my face in it. I hate this Giant. Tomorrow when he comes I will scare him. I will Bark!! I will bite him !!!
He did not come. Where is my giant ? I waited all day so I could show him I’m not afraid.

Week 4: Today is my birthday I’m 4 weeks old.  I have a giant. He comes to me everyday he feeds me.
He holds me close like Mom did when I was young. He plays games with me. He’s very fast and I must learn to run even faster to catch him. I still love to be close to Mom but I like to be close to the giant too. Every day he brings new things to my world. New sights!! New smells!!! New tastes!!! New games Today we played “NO”. It’s a Giant game I’m not sure of the rules yet but I’m learning fast and so are the others.

Week 5: Today is my birthday I’m 5 weeks old. And I have learned the Giant is my leader. Ohh and the “NO GAME” is not a game!!! Remember this, when I displease the giant he roars “NO” and that makes me unhappy.
I’m a big boy now and the giant says I’m a good boy/ This makes me very happy because I love to please my giant.
I no longer want to be with Mom. I want my giant all the time, but he has little time for me. This makes me sad. Sure he plays with me but he also plays with the others. I thought this was MY Giant.

Week 6: Today is my birthday I’m 6 weeks old and I really know it all now. There are many different Giants. I met one today that held me close and played with ONLY me. It was so special I will always remember her smell. She tells me she is MY GIANT and she will return to take me home?? I thought I was home, She imprinted her smell on me and it is what I look for each morning when the Giant comes. I look for her each day. The Giant ( Mom’s Giant ) is making me do many things I do not like now. It used to be fun now its work. Where is my Giant ?

Week 7: Today is my birthday I’m 7 weeks old and I know it all for sure now.. MY GIANT Is coming to save me. To love me.
To take me to my home. Mom’s Giant sometimes makes me sleep alone now. This makes me sad. I have learned a new word today, “Master” they are not giants but people. Dogs with out hair. Imagine that.  My little girl (My Master) is coming to get me.

Week 8: Today is my birthday I’m 8 weeks old and I know nothing!! It’s all changed this makes me sad. I’m a little scared. Mom’s Master spoke a bit different language then My New Master but I can learn it. Give me time. The others are gone!! This makes me sad. Mom is gone!! This makes me sad. The rules are a bit different here. This makes me sad.
But my Master shows me love and is learning to speak Labrador. THIS MAKES ME VERY HAPPY!!!