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Helps protect against highly contagious bronchitis often referred to as “Canine cough” because of the frequency of infection found in animals recently kenneled or exposed to other dogs.



Canine Adenovirus Type 2-parainfluenza-bordetella Bronchiseptica Vaccine,




it is useful against roundworms, hookworms, and the more difficult to treat whipworms. It is effective against the Taenia species of tapeworm but not against the Common tapeworm, Dipylidium caninum. It is also effective against giardia (an intestinal protozoan which is contagious to both humans and pets) as well as several species of lungworm and even some flukes.

Vanguard 5 shots


VANGUARD® PLUS 5 contains attenuated strains of canine distemper (CD) virus, canine adenovirus-2 (CAV-2), canine parvovirus (CPV), and canine parainfluenza (CPI) virus propagated on an established canine cell line.

The freeze-dried components are rehydrated with a sterile diluent.

The PLUS in VANGUARD PLUS vaccines refers to the high-titer, low-passage canine parvovirus (CPV) component, which provides added immunogenicity that can override appreciable levels of maternal CPV antibodies in puppies 6 weeks of age or older.

All VANGUARD PLUS vaccines contain an attenuated strain of canine adenovirus-2 (CAV-2), which protects against CAV-2 respiratory disease and against infectious canine hepatitis (ICH) caused by the closely related canine adenovirus-1 (CAV-1). The CAV-2 component provides this dual protection without causing postvaccination side effects (uveitis and corneal opacity) sometimes associated with conventional CAV-1 vaccines.