Wings – Our Little Bit of Fame

First I need to tell you how I came to be a admirer of the Labrador breed.

In 1972 Myself My young bride and a 9 month old Black lab named WINGS decided like young fools we were going to become rich by becoming gamblers.  We sold everything we owned and in an old Chrysler we headed from Alameda California to Reno Nevada With a whole 4500.00.

Near 2am we crossed the Serria Nevada’s on I-80 dead winter and a couple feet of snow on the ground. Near Donner Pass off to the side of the road we saw a car with the hood up and 2 guys walking. I stopped and offered them a ride. With the rear seat area full of clothes, blankets, dog and a few personal things (they both joined us in the front) we started again. As soon as I was moving the one near my young wife pulled out a switchblade knife and stuck it against my wife’s stomach. He then said You go up the road about a mile and turn to the right take the dirt road and we are going to take your car, money and what ever else we want!!!

I was so scared but what could I do with him on the other side of my wife? any quick move and she could get stabbed!! I slowed the car as much as I could but got warnings from them and tears from my wife. The few minutes passed and we reached the road. I started the turn and saw a flash out of the corner of my eye.

It was Wings !!! he rose to the seat from where he had been ( on the rear floorboard ) Placed a paw on each of their shoulders, placed his head between theirs, And in amazement ( I’m crying now as i remember and try to write this) I saw that he was frothing at the mouth I MEAN IT WAS RUNNING He growled a deeper growl then I have ever heard from any dog!!! His jaw was shaking!!! as he turned his head from one to the other back N forth he looked them in the eyes.

Quickly I reached very gently and placed my hand on the hand holding the knife!! and said MOVE AND MY DOG WILL KILL YOU!! THAT’S WHAT HE’S TRAINED TO DO!!

Wings had never had a day’s training. Wings had never even barked at someone!!

I Stopped the car and had them get out and strip!! move away from the clothes and we left them there!!!

NUDE!! In 2 feet of snow!!!

OK OK OK Any type of dog might come to the aid to their master under distress. But this dog had laid there on the rear floorboard and listened AND PLANED WHAT HE WAS GOING TO DO!! how do I know this? 

When I saw him rise He was already frothing at the mouth. He did not jump up and start biting This would have lead to too many quick movements and someone would have been hurt.

This dog saved My life and I will love and raise labs till the day I die and join Wings.

ok back to the reason for making this page in the first place. Our small bit of fame and the reasons why.

1: Our love for the breed

2: Because of that love Our dedication to produce both physically and mentally healthy AKC Labrador puppies.

3: Our puppy training & socialization program.

4: Our website does something that no other company/business that I’m aware of. Through our lab chat we put people in contact with others that have adopted from us in the past.

Recently we have closed the lab chat due to spammers

5: And new to our site is our Live cam. We have done this for the enjoyment of the adopting families to share in the birth of their newest family member. A WALABS puppy.

well this has gotten a bit longer then I planned I hope you have enjoyed it.