Trained Certified Service Labs


Walabs now offers Certified Service Labs that are fully trained from puppies to professional Service Dogs. We spend the first year of their lives training them to ensure that they can provide for any needs.

While you can choose the gender of your service dog, we do not currently provide the option to select the color at the time of ordering.

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Have you ever wondered why Labrador Retrievers are always used as Service Dogs? A Labrador retriever is a highly versatile breed which is considered one of the best canine breeds trained as a therapy dog. They are hard-working with an extraordinary intelligence that makes them good candidates for training to become proficient in the demands of a therapy dog’s nature of work. A Lab is also known for its friendliness and sociability. Their sunny disposition makes them an excellent family dog as well as a service dog.

These furry companions are not only good natured but, they work so hard for their owners that you can’t help but love them for the loyalty that they will show you. Labs make great service dogs because they are extremely obedient. They listen and they do their best to do a good job at any task that they are given.

With all their special talents and loving nature it is no wonder why the Labrador Retriever has been considered the number one dog of America. We know that we are only training the best breed of dogs to help assist you with your needs. We understand the training of Service Dogs capitalizes on a Lab’s affectionate demeanor. Training channels a Lab’s desirable traits enabling them to shower affection and comfort on the people that need them most.

Our fully trained and certified Service Labs come with the following:

Lifetime Registration of Dog
Certificate and 1 ID Card
Additional ID Card
Service Dog Tag
Additional Service Dog Tag
Electronic Copy of Certificate and ID Card
Service Dog Leash
Service Dog Collar
Service Dog Vest