Welcome to our Parents page !!

All of our Labradors are AKC Registered pure breed.

Walabs Mini Chocolate Chip. (Chocolate Chip is a Chocolate Mini Lab)

Thelma Born from a set of twins (Thelma and Louise) A chocolate English Lab.

Walabs Mini Sunshine (Sunshine is a Mini Yellow Lab)

Walabs Silver Shiloh (Shiloh is a Mini Silver Lab) (PREGNANT)

Walabs Silver Shadow. (Shadow is a Silver/Chocolate Lab Meaning She is a Chocolate Lab that has the Silver Gene. (Silver factored)

Walabs 50 Shades of gray (Shade a Charcoal Lab)

Walabs Sir Samson 7th (Sam is a big solid Yellow male Labrador and the 7th of his line)

Walabs Little Princess Polly. She is a Mini Chocolate Lab


Walabs Peaches and Cream. (Peaches is a Yellow Lab)

Walabs Miss Congeniality (Missy a Yellow Lab)

Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (Max a Male a Charcoal Lab)

Walabs Chick-A-Dee (Chick-A-Dee a Chocolate English Lab)


Sheri’s Boo Berry Pie (Boo a Silver Male)

Walabs Colean. (Colean is a Charcoal Mini Lab) (PREGNANT)

Yellow female and currently (PREGNANT)