What Is Puppy Socialization Anyway?

EARLY socialization is VITAL to puppies because it sets the foundation for the REST OF THEIR LIVES.It’s the single most-important – and most-neglected – need that puppies have. Please do not be offended when we ask questions about you and your family.

Why should you get a puppy from WALABS ? Pronounced Whah-Labs (Washington Labs)

We have raised AKC Labradors for more then 40 years. We love labs so we spend the extra time to send home to you a puppy both physically & mentally healthy. They must pass our training tests for health, and to be sure he / she is socially ready for adoption. We do our best with 30 years of experience to eliminate house breaking issues and the Crying-Digging-chewing-Shyness-Biting. Why? We want our puppies to be happy and want you to be happy. With this in mind our dogs will never end up in a shelter!! Last but not least, We will at anytime take one of our puppies back.

When you take your puppy home you will also get

1: AKC Registration papers

2: Health guarantee papers

3: Shots & Worming records

4: Training & Socialization tips

5: Feeding tips

6: 1 Very happy healthy AKC Labrador puppy

All puppies sold are AKC Registered. And breeding limited.


Mixed Breed
HealthKnown hereditary defects. Parents are able to be screened. Testing does not guarantee the puppy will be healthy.Unpredictable based on composite gene pool. Generally less issues due to diverse gene pool.IntelligenceBred for specific purpose or exaggeration of ability.UnpredictablePhysical CharacteristicsLooks determined by breed.Adult features may not be evident in puppy, even if parents are known.TemperamentPredictable to a certain degree Environment plays a roleUnpredictableWorking AbilitiesStrong for breed purpose. May be unable to change a natural trait through training.Typically less pronounced behavior that may be changed through training.CostExpensiveRelatively inexpensive UNTIL something happens

Contact information  topdog@walabs.com