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Meet Mini Mikah II due 7-3-2015
4 deposits available.

Silver labs, Mini Labs, Charcoal labs, Meet Walabs Mini Silver Mariah She is a Mini Silver lab weighing 28lbs
Bred to Walabs Maxwell's Silver Hammer weighing 39lbs
Their upcoming litter due soon
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Charcoal labrador


Yellow lab Meet Peaches bred to our Sonny, She is Due soon to place your deposit click here


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 (We have Silver labs, Chocolate Labs, Yellow Labs, Black Labs, Charcoal Labs  )

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 Available puppies

Question we are often asked.. what is mixed with a lab to produce mini labs?

Answer: NOTHING BUT TIME, For 22 years we took the smaller labs and bred them with smaller labs and after a few generations the DNA began to downsize them. To this date our smallest full grown adult is 22 lbs.



We also have Black lab, Chocolate lab, Yellow lab, And White lab puppies available.



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Just Labs the most popular Labrador magazine in the USA has released a story about WALABS

We have Chocolate Labrador puppies for sale.     We have black Labrador puppies for sale.  We have fox red Labrador puppies for sale.

We have white Labrador puppies for sale.  We have yellow Labrador puppies for sale.  We have Silver Labrador puppies for sale. 





What Is Puppy Socialization Anyway?

EARLY socialization is VITAL to puppies because it sets the foundation for the REST OF THEIR LIVES.

 It's the single most-important - and most-neglected – need that puppies have.

Please do not be offended when we ask questions about you and your family.



Prices for our AKC lab puppies is 800.00 male plus Wa sales tax or 900.00 for female plus Wa sales tax unless shipping is involved.

Initial deposit is 250.00 after the puppies are born we ask that if you can pay the balance or a part of it.

Silver labs, Charcoal labs are 1200.00 with a 500.00 deposit. Add 100.00 for a female plus Wa sales tax

Miniature labs are 1500.00 with a 500.00 deposit. Add 100.00 for a female. plus Wa sales tax

Silver Mini's are 1500.00 Add 100.00 for a female with a 500.00 deposit

All deposits are non-refundable.

This helps because we spare nothing when it comes to health and there have been times when the Vet bills run into much more then we have on hand.

Silver labs start at 1200.00. unless overseas shipping is involved. Initial deposit is 500.00

Shipping on the continental U.S. is 375.00

Overseas Shipping is 1,000.00



We are your best choice for a AKC Labrador retriever puppy.

Due to the heavy graphics on some of our pages, they make take a minute or two to load on slower internet connections...BUT...they are worth the wait 

Contact information topdog@walabs.com


Why should you get a puppy from WALABS ? Pronounced Whah-Labs (Washington Labs)

We have raised AKC Labradors for more then 40 years.

We love labs so we spend the extra time to send home to you a puppy both physically & mentally healthy

They Must pass our training tests for 1st health,

 Second socially ready for the changes he/she will go through.

We do our best with 30 years of experience to eliminate

The house breaking,

The Crying-Digging-chewing-Shyness-Biting

Why? We want our puppies to be happy and want you to be happy

With this in mind our dogs will never end up in a shelter!!

Last but not least

We will at anytime take one of our puppies back.

When you take your puppy home you will also get

1: AKC Registration papers

2: Health guarantee papers

3: shots & worming records

4: Training & Socialization tips

5: Feeding tips

6: 1 Very happy healthy AKC Labrador puppy

All puppies sold are AKC Registered. And breeding limited.


Mixed Breed
Health Known hereditary defects. Parents are able to be screened. Testing does not guarantee the puppy will be healthy. Unpredictable based on composite gene pool. Generally less issues due to diverse gene pool.
Intelligence Bred for specific purpose or exaggeration of ability. Unpredictable
Physical Characteristics Looks determined by breed. Adult features may not be evident in puppy, even if parents are known.
Temperament Predictable to a certain degree Environment plays a role Unpredictable
Working Abilities Strong for breed purpose. May be unable to change a natural trait through training. Typically less pronounced behavior that may be changed through training.
Cost Expensive Relatively inexpensive UNTIL something happens

Contact information  topdog@walabs.com 

Black and yellow labs are more common than chocolate Labradors. AKC will only acknowledge the three colors in labs but there are three other colors: A light Chocolate Lab (silver) a dark red lab (Fox) which is close to chocolate in color and a (white) lab. What color you choose is purely personal. If you are using labs for hunting, a yellow lab will blend in more into fields but all color labs are great hunting dogs.  


All puppies sold are AKC Registered. And breeding limited.

For more information please call 360-978-5534 or email


We are often called Oregon Labradors and Washington Labradors

We also do Labrador retriever rescue  If you know of hurt/abused/ neglected Labradors email us

Do you have a older lab that for some reason you can no longer provide a home for ?

We have connections with retirement homes and often place older labs with the retired

Black Gold dog food they eat half as much and gain weight doing it


We do Our best to help with rescue labs. If your looking for more of an adult lab contact us,

We may be able to help. And if you can not keep your Lab contact us we often have great families waiting to give your lab a home. 

please contact us at topdog@walabs.com or call  360-978-5534


Puppies from the past

Helpful hints  

Things that you should know about the Labrador BEFORE bringing one home



Labrador retriever puppies are very intelligent and its my belief that labs are the most intelligent dog there is

Labrador retriever puppies are puppies for about 2 to 2.5 years

Labrador retriever puppies are the most loyal dog there is

Labrador retriever puppies are puppies for about 2 to 2.5 years

If your children pull the ears of a Labrador

it will roll over to let him/her pull the other ear

Labrador retriever puppies are puppies for about 2 to 2.5 years

Labrador retriever puppies are so easily trained for many things

Guard dogs

Guide dogs for the blind

Search and rescue

Hunting dogs

Last but not by all means

The family companion


Labrador retriever puppies are puppies for about 2 to 2.5 years

Why have I stressed this ?

Unless a chew toy is provided and they are aware its there's to chew

They WILL chew up the most important thing you value

Unless shown it displeases you immensely they


but again  Labs are so easily trained



We raise top Quality AKC Labrador Retriever puppies in our home. They are not born and raised in a kennel.

 We own the parent dogs and they are AKC, DNA registered. Certified. The parent dogs are nice big beautiful labs that are calm and excellent with children. They are our treasured family pets. Our children love to play with them or play a great game of fetch the-Ball.

 Our dogs are excellent in the field - with their specialty
being pheasant and duck hunting.

 Each puppy is born and raised in our home with lots of
attention and love. They are well socialized. We have our own property with a creek for our labs to play in and brush for hunt training also acres for field training and play.

The puppies
get a chance to see new sights and smells and play with children. They
also get used to riding in the car and spending some time away from
their Parents. We also begin their House training manners.

 Our puppies are very well adjusted,

 Well loved, happy puppies. By the time
they leave for their new homes, they will have had all their worming
completed and their first set of shots and vaccines.

If you do a search you will find us under Oregon Labradors, Washington Labradors, Seattle Labradors, and Portland Labradors, Labrador retriever breeders, and a host of other Labrador headings because we sell AKC Labrador retriever puppies.

 We do have AKC Labrador puppies now.


AKC Labrador Retrievers

Jim Young has been breeding AKC Chocolate Labrador retrievers, AKC Yellow Labrador retrievers, and AKC Black Labrador Retrievers for many years now. We've dedicated this website to our love of the AKC Labrador Retriever. Here you can see photos of the AKC yellow lab puppies, AKC white lab puppies, AKC chocolate lab puppies, and the AKC black lab puppies we currently have available. We will also refer you to a reputable AKC Labrador retriever breeder if we don't have what you're looking for. We're totally committed to our favorite dog breed, the Labrador retriever. If you're looking for more information about AKC Lab Puppies, please feel free to let us know and we'll help you in any way we can.

We are located in the Southwestern Washington area and have helped make our Labrador puppies happy additions to families in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, New Mexico, and Canada.


We are your best choice for a AKC Labrador in Oregon and Washington