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What Is Puppy Socialization Anyway?

EARLY socialization is VITAL to puppies because it sets the foundation for the REST OF THEIR LIVES. It’s the single most-important – and most-neglected – need that puppies have. Please do not be offended when we ask questions about you and your family.

Why should you get a puppy from WALABS ? Pronounced Whah-Labs (Washington Labs)

We have raised AKC Labradors for more then 40 years. We love labs so we spend the extra time to send home to you a puppy both physically & mentally healthy. They must pass our training tests for health, and to be sure he / she is socially ready for adoption. We do our best with 40 years of experience to eliminate house breaking issues and the Crying-Digging-chewing-Shyness-Biting. Why? We want our puppies to be happy and want you to be happy. With this in mind our dogs will never end up in a shelter!! Last but not least, We will at anytime take one of our puppies back.
When you take your puppy home you will also get
1: AKC Registration papers
2: Health guarantee papers
3: Shots & Worming records
4: Training & Socialization tips
5: Feeding tips

6: 1 Very happy healthy AKC Labrador puppy

All puppies sold are AKC Registered. And breeding limited.

Contact information  topdog@walabs.com 

phone 360-978-5534


James & Sheri Young